Personal Training is ideal for individuals who want to achieve their goals quickly.

Goals may include;

  • Weight management
  • Improve strength
  • Increase cardiovascular fitness and endurance
  • Restore pelvic floor and core function

    Personal Training may be particularly beneficial for;

    • Individuals who are new to exercise or returning to exercise
    • Pre & Post Natal women
    • Post menopausal women
    • Individuals recovering from injury
    • Individuals recovering from ill health
    • Those preparing for a milestone or life events such as wedding day, charity fun runs and big birthdays
    • Those who do not enjoy the gym or exercise class environment

    I suppose it could be argued that Personal Training is a very real and highly effective option for everyone with a fitness or health goal. I teach group exercise classes and enjoy creating a fun, encouraging and effective environment for people to exercise together, however Personal Training makes up most of my client base.

    As a fitness professional for over 17 years I bring a wealth of experience to this role and offer my clients a comprehensive personal training service including:

    • Individually tailored Personal Training sessions using a variety of training methods to keep you both physically challenged and mentally stimulated.
    • Your sessions will continuously evolve in response to your progress, goals and needs. You will never be bored or complete the same workout twice.
    • Readily available advice and guidance via an active online community and myself directly,  helping you to achieve your personal fitness and lifestyle goals.

    “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”


    We all know that what we eat can directly impact our health, energy levels, mood, appearance and overall body function. I can’t promise to solve all your problems, but I can offer simple and straight forward guidance relevant to your goals, using my many years of practical experience and professional qualifications in sports and nutrition. 

    Good nutrition and regular exercise are a match made in heaven. When you are mindful of both, you are more likely to achieve better health and wellbeing and can reach your fitness and body goals much faster. 

    1:1 Personal Training

    If group training is not your thing you can choose to have a 1:1 Personal Training Session.

    I have many years experience in the fitness industry, having worked for various large health clubs and gyms. I have coached individuals who are just starting their fitness journey and those who have already established a good fitness base. From triathletes, surfers, runners and those who wish to manage their weight, Dads who have let their selfcare and exercise routine go and Mothers who wish to remain active during their pregnancy and beyond.

    A Personal Training session typically lasts for 1 hour and is completely tailored to your needs. Prior to your first session you will have completed a pre exercise health screen and had discussions with me about your goals and individual circumstances in order that I can effectively plan your individual fitness plan.


    Buddy PT

    If justifying the cost of Personal Training is a concern for you, why not book a Buddy PT session. Here, you and a friend can share the session and cost. Buddy Personal Training is also a fantastic way of providing accountability and keeping you on track. Training with friends is great fun.


    Bring a babe PT

    This is why FITTRIBE was born. I wanted to provide an option for mothers that would allow them to be a priority and look after their own wellbeing without Mum guilt or childcare worries.

    At FITTRIBE HQ there is a designated children’s play space and toys provided. All you have to do is turn up. I will guide you through your workout while doing my best to keep your children entertained. I will give your baby their bottle, help them to nap or play and explore the toys.

    As a parent it is easy to feel the pressure to be completely selfless. To neglect or forget your needs and hobbies. I believe that if you are seen to look after yourself as well as others your children will also learn the importance of self care, thus instilling this important message from an early age.


    Benefits of Personal Training

    Personal training can help you meet your fitness goals faster, safer and more effectively.

    Benefits include;

    • Expert advice from a qualified fitness professional – particularly important if you are new to exercise or recovering from injury, pre and post natal or post menopausal.
    • Maximise your time and effort
    • Personalised training – one size does not fit all!
    • Motivation and accountability – no cheating fewer skipped workouts
    • Variety and interest – if you always do what you’ve always done… you know the rest!

    Your well being as a whole is important. Personal Training can offer both physical and emotional benefits.


    Why Others Love FITTRIBE

    Debbie Douglas

    Louise helped me to get back into shape and regain my fitness after having my baby. I did classes and one to one sessions with her and I’ve never felt better. I would definitely recommend Louise’s classes and personal training sessions.

    Victoria Moulds

    Louise helped me train for Total Warrior, putting on extra outdoor boot camps with loads of different kit to help me get ready for the event. She created fun and challenging workouts that really helped me get fit and strong and warrior ready. I’d highly recommend Louise as a trainer!

    Michelle B

    I’ve been doing 1:1 sessions with Lou for a while so it made sense to carry on with these sessions during lockdown, albeit now online. And I’ve got to say, the sessions are absolutely brilliant! Lou pushes me to reach my potential and is still able to correct my posture and positioning for each exercise so I feel like I’m getting the most out of each session. I don’t have much equipment at home so Lou tailors the sessions to suit, with most exercises using bodyweight only. Lou is super friendly, knows her industry incredibly well and is a total professional! I would highly recommend 😊😊 Thanks so much Lou

    Kate Thomas

    Louise is an excellent trainer. She is passionate about correct form and focusing on your personal goals. She is very motivating both in class and one to one sessions, making sessions challenging and enjoyable.

    Kirsty Wright

    Louise’s classes are excellent, just the right mix of variation, challenge and fun. She’s keen on technique which is so important and makes sure you’re exercising effectively. Current zoom classes are easy to slot into the day. Highly recommended 👍

    Gillian Fox

    Whilst trying to stay motivated during lockdown I’ve found Louise’s online workouts incredibly useful – express arms and recovery stretches for hamstrings and calves (hamstrings & calves are great for injury prevention if you’re a runner). Louise explains things very clearly so you feel you’re getting the most out of each session. Thank you Louise!

    Samantha Parker

    I brought my baby to class and she wanted to join in- she is 22 though! I can’t say I enjoyed every minute of the PT I did with Louise, 1-2-1 and with Gina but boy did we use every one of those 60 minutes! Louise is incredibly professional and knowledgable and would not let me get away with anything but perfect technique. Even after 6 sessions I feel stronger. I’ve even been inspired to do a mini session after my run today! Thanks Fittribe!

    Antony Lambert

    I had some PT sessions with Lou to kickstart my own fitness and never looked back. Lou took time to understand exactly what I was looking for and tailored our sessions accordingly. I can thoroughly recommend Lou’s personal training sessions and group sessions. Thank you!


    Personal training is ideal for those who want quick results.